We often need to provide soffit and fascia repair and installation for our Chicago area customers as a roofing contractor. If a fascia has wood rot, we can cover it with new wood and then wrap it in aluminum for a low-maintenance solution. Vinyl or aluminum may also be installed.
Soffit & Fascia Repair Service in Tinley Park IL

What is Soffit and Fascia?

Are you familiar with the various parts of your roof? Some are simple to understand, such as gutters and shingles. Flashing is a little more difficult, but some people might be aware that it is used for weatherproofing. But what about soffits and fascia?
Soffit & Fascia Installation in Tinley Park IL

What exactly is a soffit?

The exposed part of your roof’s eave under the overhanging section. A soffit typically has small holes in it that allow air to circulate and help ventilate your attic room. It also removes heat and moisture from your attic, which helps to keep wood rot and mold at bay.

What exactly is a fascia?

The fascia is the piece of wood to which your gutters are connected and is located where your roof meets the outer walls of your home. It serves as a protective barrier, preventing water from entering your roof and giving your roofline a smooth, even appearance.

Soffit & Fascia Repair in Tinley Park IL
Soffit & Fascia Installation Service in Tinley Park IL

The advantages of a vented soffit include:

  • Immune to heat, moisture, and water 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Low-maintenance 

If your soffits and facias have been damaged by inclement weather or wild animals, you’re tired of painting and re-painting, or your roofline simply looks terrible, we can restore and replace them. Simply call us to set up a no-obligation consultation and estimate or set one online here



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