Storm Damage Repair And Restoration

Chicagoland Storm Damage Repair And Restoration

Chicagoland area homeowners need not be worried about their storm-damaged homes any more thanks to Excel Roofing. Our team of professionals will make sure that all repairs are done correctly and quickly so you can get back into your house as soon as possible!

The Excel Roofing team is always available for any of your needs. We make sure that our customers are satisfied with their repair work, which means you’ll never have to worry about rainwater damage again!

Our Chicago-based company specializes in storm restoration services–from total roof replacement all the way down through repairing a leaking or hail-damaged roofs so people can get back outside as fast possible without worrying how much it will cost them when they call us first going forward.

Storm Damage Repair in Tinley Park IL

Chicago Storm Roofing

If you’re in need of Chicago Storm Roofing, your first concern is likely to be making sure that the roof doesn’t leak and relieve any water damage. But what about insurance? If a storm leaves behind extensive damages on its path – from broken windows or doorways all the way down through blown-out walls–you’ll want coverage for these repairs too! And since most people are unfamiliar with filing complex claims following major disasters such as hurricanes where entire towns might have been hardest hit by powerful winds accompanied simultaneously heavy rainfalls last summer…we’ve got just answer: Excel Roofing.

Storm Damage Repair by Excel Roofing

Excel Roofing will ensure that your insurance matters are handled professionally and efficiently.

A company dedicated to helping homeowners recover after storms, we love when they feel the same way about working with us! If you think your home has suffered storm damage—whether it’s due to roof hail or wind damages– request an inspection now so as not delay any further on getting those repairs made by professionals who know what needs done best for their specific situation.

Storm Damage Repair Service in Tinley Park IL

What to Do Following a Storm

The threat of severe weather is always lingering in Chicago, but it’s never too early or late to start preparing for the season. Storms can cause millions dollars worth in damage if they’re not prepared enough- so what should you do? A few tips include checking your roof’s integrity following a summer storm by looking at its tiles; knowing where nearby trees are located that could fall during strong winds (and getting them out); making sure windows don’t have hail penetration wounds on them due to other size solutions these stones come off easily!

When you are in a disaster situation, it’s important to stay away from areas that may not be safe. Stay clear of fallen power lines at all times because they can give way and cause an accident with your house if there has been significant damage on the other side!
Contact Your Insurance
Make sure you tell your insurance company about any damage as soon as possible so they can process the claim quickly and efficiently.
Document the Damages
Make sure to take pictures of any damage, especially with hail or wind storms. Make note if there is water on the outside as well- this will help you estimate how much itcosts for repair services!
Call Excel Roofing
Your home is your most valuable asset, and you need to protect it. That’s why we’re here for all the hard work of making sure that nothing goes wrong with repairs on site or after they’ve been completed!
Storm Damage Restoration in Tinley Park IL

Storm Chasers: Just Say No!

When the weather turns nasty, storm chasers are sure signs that it’s time to head inside. These clipboard-carrying individuals go door-to -door after each rainfall pitching their company’s services for repairing damages caused by storms like yours just last week!

Before you even consider hiring a storm chaser, here are some questions you should ask:

  • Are they licensed and fully insured?
  • Does the Better Business Bureau accredit them?
  • Does their contract include a large cancellation fee of 10-15% after three days?
  • Do they have an office in or near Chicago?
  • Can they provide a list of every part they will need in your project?

Excel Roofing is the best choice for storm damage repair in Chicago. We pride ourselves on building relationships with our clients and refuse to pressure you into a decision by using aggressive sales tactics that other companies use as chasers do!



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